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Photos from Asia and Latin America
Hello from Central America, the wonderful country of Guatemala to be specific.: approximately 75 defgrees F. every day of the year (5,000 ft elevation), lots of great folks, good food and few dull moments. It's been my home for over twenty years. The photo at the left was taken beside a soccer ('futbol' here) field by a nine year old deaf dumb girl who plays quite well on one of the teams.  She had the help of an automatic setting on my Nikon D70S but the composition is strictly hers.
This is my first attempt at a website so be patient with my poor set up and lack of knowlege regarding photo arrangements.
The kid on the left was a major reason my team was champ. He only allowed five goals against us in fourteen games. Yeah, the defense was very good too. Helps explain my smile.
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Below: Anti-Marcos political leaders including Chino Roces and Butz Aquino face down a police jeep amid a cloud of teargas.
Anti-Marcos Catholic semanarians demonstrate behind barbed wire at the entrance to palace grounds 
           Young anti-Marcos demonstrators cerca 1985
The sign reads 'Imelda cries over money'. Marcos well heeled wife was hated more than her husband.
Anti-Marcos demonstrations were often colofrul affairs with Cory Aquino's yellow and the Left's red dominating.
While many ran for covers, some brazen young demonstrators defied the police throwing back the gas bombs fired at them.
Above, Western Metro Manila Police Chief Cabrera negotiates with Butz Aquino, Cory's brother-in-law.
Left: Future Philippine president Cory Aquino at her assasinated husband's grave on All Souls Day 1985.
Below: Some of us share the same feelings about politics and politicians
Today's Anti-American feeling are not new. U.S. backing of corrupt dictators like Marcos created great animosity in the Philippines.
Angry young demonstrators seemed to be even more viciferous when a camera was pointed their way.